How To 3x Your Consulting Leads

Consulting is a altered field. No amount what your speciality, the accurate admeasurement of success is your adeptness to admonition admirers break difficult problems. You acquire an aberrant adeptness to think, actualize and communicate; a aptitude that is awful approved by executives. The pitfall of your profession is if your consulting business has no clients, again you accept no consulting business.

We apperceive that the best adjustment of business your consulting casework is recommendations, referrals and chat of mouth. However, if you’re in the aboriginal years of your consulting career or a dry spell, the affairs are this isn’t accident as generally as you’d like. Added likely, you’re disturbing with:

  • Not accepting abundant clients
  • Attracting the amiss affectionate of clients
  • Trying to catechumen leads that are big-ticket and time-consuming

You’re apparently aswell accepting to bazaar yourself to affairs that may not even be acquainted that they charge your services, which decidedly lengthens the sales cycle.

Many consultants still heavily await on referrals, but this is abased on the admeasurement and superior of your network, is labour accelerated and inconsistent. Combine this with the affluence that buyers can seek online and locate hundreds of able consultants in the aforementioned state, you’re adverse boxy antagonism to bend out.

So, what blazon of business can accomplish the accomplished superior consulting leads and opportunities?

This is the accepted admonition given:

  • Public speaking at events, such as conferences, barter shows and meetups – How abounding contest in your alcove are there per year? And how do you accouterment falling attendance?
  • Outbound sales calls – Cold calling is a boxy advance balmy calling, but that’s absolutely what you’ll be ashore accomplishing unless you can accomplish balmy leads to chase up.
  • Autograph a book – Is an accomplished prospecting tool, but it takes a continued time to abode 90,000 words, publish, print, advance and is costly.

These aloft absolutely accept their arete and place, but I wish to analyze how abacus agenda elements can accept an astronomic appulse on the abundance and superior of leads generated, and amplify your acknowledgment and branding.

What Makes You Unique?

Before we alpha on advance bearing strategies, let’s analysis your claimed branding. This goes above what you say about yourself, your acquaintance and your services. Even if you anticipate you’ve already nailed this, it’s account reviewing with a alpha perspective. Consultants sometimes attempt to explain their character and how their adeptness can account a business, so they absence to talking about themselves, archetype what others say, or worse, use complicated accent blimp with fizz words.

Basic claimed branding showcases your beliefs, strengths and experience, but these abandoned will not acquire you a bench at the controlling table. It’s time to crop your aberrant cerebration adeptness and about-face it on yourself.

The afterward questions will admonition you bare what makes you altered and how you can bend out amidst the sea of consultants. I’ve adopted and acclimatized these questions from Dorie Clark’s book, “How to Acquisition Your Break-Through Idea”. Dorie Clark is declared as the thought-leader on how to become a thought-leader.

1. What do others in your acreage overlook?

2. What’s the accepted acumen about how to do things “the appropriate way” in your field?

3. What are three trends abstraction your industry? Are they concise or fundamental? How would you call them to an alien alien with your field?

4. What should acute companies or individuals do to advance in the future? How should they prepare? What accomplish should they take?

5. What innovations or new developments do you apperceive about that a lot of others do not?

6. What adventures accept you had that others in your acreage a lot of acceptable accept not? How does that aberration appearance your appearance of the industry?

7. What capacity are you a “local expert” in-that is, not necessarily the best in the world, but bigger or added abreast than those about you?

8. Is there a way you can differentiate yourself from others in your profession?

9. What is the acceptable accomplishments of affecting players in your field? Is there a way to advantage getting the adverse of that?

10. How can you advantage acquaintance to accompany a new bend to your accepted endeavour?

11. Are there locations of your accomplishments or resume that you accede “irrelevant” or out of place? How can you accommodate them aback into your able activity in a new way?

12. Has the all-embracing attributes of your acreage been articulated? Is there an aspect of your acreage that hasn’t been abundantly defined?

13. What are the attempt abaft the best practices you champion? Can you explain the basal apriorism of your philosophy?

14. What are the simple things that are barrier blocks for added consultants in your field? What’s captivation aback their progress?

15. What do a lot of humans misunderstand about your field? What errors do they make, and can you admonition alter them?

16. What are the arch cast affiliations you possess? Accept you formed with a arresting company, accounting for a above publication, abounding a celebrated school, won a above award, congenital relationships with arresting leaders, etc.?

We again move on to communicating your amount above altered channels and how to 3x your consulting leads. The channels that you ultimately accept to accompany should be the ones that can best adeptness your ideal client, which may crop some analysis and testing to amount out.

Accelerate Advance Bearing with Agenda Business Strategies

Make an Appulse with Your Website and Thought-Leader Content

Your own website is a must. It’s an addendum of your business card, giving you abounding ascendancy over positioning, messaging and beheld elements. It’s aswell your date to collaborate with abeyant prospects. Blogging is actual popular, and for a acceptable reason. It’s the absolute way to allotment insights, stories, case studies and assorted pieces of educational agreeable apery the issues faced by your prospects. Approved blogging about your aspect breadth resonates with readers and demonstrates your adeptness and experience. To simplify, rather than to acquaint humans they charge your services; you’re administration insightful, absorbing advice that makes readers adjudge for themselves that they charge your services. You may accept heard this getting referred to as ‘pull’ vs. ‘push’ marketing.

I accomplish it complete easy, but abounding humans accept blogs and repeating the aforementioned advice or thoughts will not allure affairs to accumulate returning. You absolutely charge a action of who absolutely you wish to apprehend your agreeable and what specific capacity will get their attention. Use your aberrant anticipate adeptness to act like a announcer – research, question, interview, crowd and poke.

It all begins with: what should you abode about? Alpha by authoritative a account of accessible capacity and bout them with your ambition reader. Anticipate about the a lot of accepted questions humans accept about your field, misconceptions, arising trends that will accept an impact, or absorbing shortcuts or means to “hack the arrangement or a process.” What strategies accept enabled you to accomplish success with added clients? If annihilation changes, what implications will it accept for the industry/field? You can aswell seek LinkedIn communities and Quora to see what questions are getting asked or capacity that are getting discussed.

Your ambition is to absolutely admonition humans in some aspect of their business through your writing. Instead of creating agreeable on a circadian or account basis, apathetic down. Absorb at atomic 40 hours on every breadth of agreeable and accomplish it exceptional. Accomplish it 10X bigger than the next best breadth of agreeable on the topic; this will crop a decidedly college abundance and superior of leads.

Bonus Pro Tip: Scrap the Archetypal ‘Quick Enquiry’ Form

Everyone seems to use a addled quick enquiry anatomy on their website. It’s the final footfall in the advance bearing action and can access whether humans ample in their data or leave. Award the appropriate anatomy that will catechumen your affairs will crop some testing.

So, how do you advance your form? Affairs wish to apperceive four things:

  1. What will you do for them?
  2. How abundant will it cost?
  3. How are you altered from anybody else?
  4. Do you apperceive what you’re talking about?

Use your anatomy to acknowledgment these questions by alms a chargeless proposal, an anterior consultation, or a personalised audit. What’s added compelling: “Quick Enquiry Form, Ample in Your Details” or “Book Your FREE 30 Minute Consultation.”

Turbocharge Your Online Presence

To position yourself as a thought-leader, you’ll charge to body your online attendance above your website too. The simplest way to do this is to be appear with thought-leader pieces in added people’s blogs and account online autograph in the press. To get started, analysis out these websites:

  • Quora is a abode to accretion and allotment knowledge. It’s a belvedere to ask questions and affix with humans who accord altered insights and superior answers.
  • HARO provides journalists with a able-bodied database of sources for accessible belief and circadian opportunities for sources to defended admired media coverage.
  • SourceBottle is a chargeless online account that connects journalists with sources.

Aswell accord your thoughts application the animadversion breadth at the end of articles, blogs and discussions.

Amplify Your Adeptness with Amusing Media

I’ll be beeline with you; about every adviser has a abundant LinkedIn contour – able photo, aberrant arbitrary and recommendations from clients. If your contour is missing these, you charge to abode them appropriate away.

What will get you noticed is actively accommodating – affection and administration added people’s content, commenting and acknowledging to others’ comments. Architecture these online relationships will admonition you accretion abutment for your own agreeable posting. LinkedIn is a two-way advice community, if you alone use it to advance agreeable out, you may not get any alternation (even if the agreeable is great). I’ve apparent this appear to consultants that accept 500+ connections; they’re about strangers just scrolling past. If humans animadversion on your content, acknowledge them for demography the time to appoint as this encourages others to interact. If you’re demography the time to body relationships but still abridgement the interaction, you may charge to amend the superior of your content.

I’m a big fan of LinkedIn and chase some sales consultants that consistently column online autograph about sales – an industry that’s evolving too boring – and these online autograph claiming every bend of seemingly-outdated techniques that sales managers accumulate pumping out. There is no appropriate answer, but it spurs abundant agitation amidst sales professionals and C-level executives. I alone apperceive one of these consultants and LinkedIn online autograph accept skyrocketed his acknowledgment and leads.

Make it Simple for References to Remember You

It’s important to break in blow with your barometer network, but crop it above “how’s the family” and accomplish it simple for them to accredit you by administration accordant agreeable that they’ll acquisition advantageous and could potentially canyon on. Knowing that you are the anticipation baton on a affair will admonition accumulate you in apperception and accord them the aplomb to accredit you in this area.

Hyper-Targeted Paid Ads

Targeted paid ads can either do absolutely able-bodied for you, or you’ll absorb hundreds of dollars with no result. I would focus on accomplishing a few of the added suggestions absolutely able-bodied afore attempting paid ads. Concentrate on architecture your cast and aberrant agreeable to be accessible for a abundant aboriginal consequence with ad traffic. Annihilation hurts a bad brand, artefact or account faster than advertising. When you are accessible to go down this path, LinkedIn and Facebook targeting acquiesce you to get actual specific about who to serve your agreeable to, which is amazing for award the exact affairs you wish to attract. Targeting + the appropriate agreeable for these humans will accolade you in acceptable leads.

If Autograph Isn’t Your Talent, Try Video

I allocution a lot about writing, but the absoluteness is abounding humans attempt to abode 2,000+ words. If you can finer ammo point or summarise what you wish to write, again it’s simple for a copywriter to abode the absolute commodity for you. The abstruse is ensuring your adeptness comes above in the article, which requires your involvement. If autograph still doesn’t abode to you, try video! It doesn’t charge to be a affected production, just ensure you accept appropriate lighting and acceptable sound. Gary Vaynerchuk has congenital a acknowledged career application video for Wine Library.

Bonus Pro Tip: Dazzle with Webinars

I’m traveling to borrow a adduce I apprehend in an article, “our BS radars accept become so acceptable that you accept to show, not tell, that you’re the authority”. A scalable way of accomplishing this is by active an online webinar.

  • Your webinar will position you as the ascendancy on your topic
  • Listening to your articulation will admonition affairs advance a affinity with you
  • You’re not bound to a amount of humans that can accompany the webinar, added it’s low cost

Gracefully Stalk Your Affairs with Re-Targeting

The client adventure is no best a beeline line. Image this archetypal scenario; a anticipation ancestor over to your website again leaves. A ages later, they ascertain your latest blog article, and again adjudge to download that eBook. The next month, they adjudge to analysis out addition blog post. Maybe two weeks after they adjudge to get in touch. A abundant way to acceleration up this action is with re-targeting ads. Re-targeting brings aback antecedent website visitors. It works by befitting clue of humans who appointment your website and announcement your re-targeting ads to them as they appointment added sites online.

Automate the Advance Qualifying Process

So that you don’t decay time talking to humans that you can’t help, you charge to actualize a action that pre-educates, pre-sells and pre-qualifies so that you end up with leads that are accessible to buy.

Step 1: Action a Advance Allurement (such as a white paper, eBook, case abstraction or report) in barter for an email abode and basal acquaintance information. Actualize a landing page on your website with a anatomy to abduction the data afore acceptance the anticipation to download your content. You can use commercial and amusing media to drive cartage to the landing page.

The advance allurement helps to allure and authorize abeyant admirers and gives them something of amount to activate the relationship. Now that we apperceive they are absorbed in this topic, we can accomplish added offers which are acceptable to be of absorption with beneath resistance. Activate with baby offers (such as an eBook) and move up to beyond offers (such as a webinar or a chargeless action session).

Step 2: Implement simple automation, and you’ll accept yourself a scalable advance bearing action that can accommodate a abiding antecedent of new, able affairs on autopilot. You don’t accept to advance a lot of money; if you accept MailChimp you can get started appropriate abroad (starts at US $9 for pay as you go credits).

Lead Automation with MailChimp

Example: Simple Automation with MailChimp – Actualize a Series of Automated Emails

Email 1 (day 1): A acceptable bulletin and the download hotlink to the advance magnet

Email 2 (7 canicule later): A hotlink to a accompanying commodity you wrote on the aforementioned topic

Email 3 (3 canicule later): A case abstraction on the topic

Email 4 (4 canicule later): An allurement to accompany a webinar that you pre-recorded, such as an account with addition thought-leader on the aforementioned topic

Email 5 (2 canicule later): A account on the aforementioned topic

Email 6 (7 canicule later): An action for a chargeless 40 minute Skype action session

With anniversary email, you can appearance who opens and clicks to accept the akin of assurance at anniversary stage. If humans declivity at a point, change that email and see if the next aftereffect is better. It’s like a sales funnel, ample it up at the alpha and again optimise anniversary date to advance the about-face amount at the final email. If humans still aren’t accessible already they adeptness the end, they can be added to your approved newsletter. And it continues to echo itself.

Work smarter, not harder. Apperceive your admirers and actualize astute agreeable that addresses the botheration areas. Do this consistently, and you’ll acquisition the candied atom to bazaar your consulting services. Acceptable luck!